Niche Skincare

For consumers with problem skin, there is a limited choice of clean and green cosmetics available to tackle their niche skin care needs.

We formulate natural cosmetics, with niche skin care consumers in mind, paying specific attention to problem skin e.g. oily and acne prone skin, solar urticaria, sensitivity to fragrance (skin irritation or headaches). These cosmetics offer safe, gentle, and eco-friendly alternatives to conventional cosmetics and OTC therapeutics.

Extending the niche skin care concept to personal hygiene, we have formulated patent pending wipes and cleansers (free of polymeric beads) that are well suited for problem skin. Our underarm deodorants and deodorant cleansers do not mask but neutralize malodors without specifically affecting the native skin microbiota.

Compared to conventional cosmetics these biodegradable natural products are not only beneficial for promoting skin health but are designed to have lower post use impact on the environment.