About Us

Sanjeevita  in Sanskrit means rejuvenated. 

Rejuvenate skin and senses with holistic India-inspired natural body care by Sanjeevita.

We merge ancient Indian plant-based wisdom with a rigorous scientific approach championed by Dr Vaishali Ketkar, our Founder. 

Safe & Green Body Care 

Building upon her experience in pharmaceutical formulation design, our founder has created a range of safe & green body care products that work hard to restore, heal and protect problem skin. Our products are:

Reset & Restore Your Skin with Sanjeevita 

Get your skin confidence back with our unique blend of holistic ingredients. Hero ingredients in out Foot Repair Treatment Balm include antioxidant-rich kokum seed butter, calming patchouli and naturally antibacterial neem oil. We love getting positive customer feedback:  

“I love the Sanjeevita Foot Repair Treatment. It really made a difference with my cracked heels. I use it a few times a week and my feet look so much better” Lynda

“I have been using the Sanjeevita Fresh Feet Cleanser because I kept getting Athletes foot recurring on the one foot and leaving it on. I have not had it back since I have started. Thank you so much it has made a difference for sure!” Heather 

“I suffer from dry cracked heels all year long, however, ever since I have started using Sanjeevita Foot Repair Treatment I have seen a drastic change in my skin. My heels have become soft and smooth.” Neela


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