Our Founder Story

Our Founder is Dr Vaishali Ketkar, a Pharmaceutical Scientist who spent her career saving lives through essential medical research. 

With a passion for a holistic approach to wellbeing, Vaishali applies her scientific approach to develop highly effective natural bodycare products suited to busy, modern life.

“I moved to Iowa in the United States from India in 1991 to gain my Ph.D. For most of my professional life I have been immersed in developing life-saving pharmaceutical treatments from kidney disease to cancer. 

As a child growing up in India, I experienced the health benefits of traditional medicine practices such as Ayurveda which stayed with me throughout my life. This passion has led me to launch Sanjeevita. We specialise in the development of clean, safe products that work really hard to rejuvenate and protect our delicate skin barrier. 

Our small business is based in suburban Philadelphia where I use my pharmaceutical background and rigorous scientific research to create Sanjeevita products. I love to research the most effective plant-based ingredients which have centuries of evidence of their contribution to skin health and then test them in a modern formulation lab. To me, this is the best of both worlds. 

I invite you to experience Sanjeevita and get to know our Hero Product: our Foot Repair Treatment Balm. Our footcare products help so many people get back on their feet with confidence, which makes me very proud.”