Our Story



Sanjeevita  (origin: Sanskrit) > rejuvenated

We consider rejuvenation to be a journey of physical and spiritual revitalization as we adapt to changes within our selves and our surroundings.



those who suffer from a variety of skin disorders and concerns including acne, dermatitis, pre-mature skin aging.



are all individuals living with their condition in a unique way.


We're Offering

a natural skincare range for eco-conscious skin sophisticates and problem skin consumers.



a clean, green effective skincare range guided by the holistic ethos of traditional Indian medicine that promote wellbeing.



our handmade products balance function and aesthetics and are powered by natural plant extracts like saponins that treat the root cause.



the more general everyday skin care brands that merely blend natural extracts with conventional cosmetic product base, Sanjeevita's products are developed by our experienced pharmaceutical scientist and founder, Vaishali Ketkar, Ph.D., to offer preventative care and limit unwanted side effects from harmful chemicals.

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