Clean + Green

Our choice to use clean cosmetic ingredients is driven by the belief that these ingredients are not only better for consumer health, but also have a limited impact on the environment. At Sanjeevita, our products are primarily formulated using natural, naturally derived and biotechnology-derived ingredients.

Further, we have committed not to use specific ingredients based on:

• Ingredient’s impact on consumer health (e.g. glycolic acid, broad spectrum preservatives)

• Impact on the environment of the specific processes used for ingredient manufacture (e.g. fumed silica)

Our cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics are primarily formulated using non-GMO key ingredients that are derived from nature and biotechnology. We use ingredients that comply with Whole Foods Beyond Clean Beauty Standards: Banned Ingredients 

Assessing Environmental Impact

A product’s lifecycle assessment includes evaluation of all aspects such as transportation of raw ingredients to disposal of empty containers. A carbon footprint analysis helps to assess the impact of a product on the environment. The analysis measures the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by different activities like sourcing and production of packaging materials; growing, processing and transportation of ingredients; manufacture, distribution and disposal of the product; and recycling of empty containers.

We have not conducted detailed assessments on our products but the review of published information on life cycle assessment of personal care products has indicated that the ingredients and packaging components have a major contribution toward a cosmetic product’s overall carbon footprint, so we have made attempts to select raw materials and packaging components with green credentials.

Upon consideration of product stability, we have chosen to package the products in light- weight recyclable plastic containers. As the individual containers are made up of multiple recyclable components, these have been assigned the recycling code #7. We recommend our customers first clean the empty containers prior to recycling in order to avoid the diversion of unclean containers to the landfill by the recycling facility.