Benefits of Contemporary Natural Ingredients

Natural Skincare Products

Over the last two decades, an increasing number of global consumers are in favor of using natural cosmetics. In a 2015 'Green Beauty Barometer' survey of women across the US, 54% of respondents claimed it is important that their skin care product purchases are all natural. Almost 60% of generation X (35-49 yr) and Y (20-34 yr) women regarded purchase of all natural skin care to be very important and half of these respondents were willing to pay more for natural cosmetics.

At Sanjeevita, we are reinventing natural skincare guided by the ethos of prevention focused holistic medicine, coupled with recent scientific research in health and wellness. Take for example, aloe vera, a long trusted skincare ingredient that is effective at treating dry and dehydrated skin. Due to complexities in the sourcing and processing of such natural ingredients, most cosmetic products are made either by using synthetic moisturizers and emollients or by simply incorporating aloe vera gel into a conventional cosmetic product base. In order to deliver natural cosmetics of consistent quality and efficacy, our holistic approach toward development goes deeper than simply incorporating ingredients of natural origin in a cosmetic product base. Our foot cleanser is formulated using a select grade of aloe vera gel that extends skin hydration as well as helps reduce skin irritation post sun exposure. The functional efficacy and bioactivity of this ingredient is supported by in-vitro tests and clinical data.  Building upon this approach, we have created a line of products using safe and effective ingredients that are harnessed through efficient contemporary processes and green technologies. 


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Our Ingredient Selection Process:
A multistep evaluation process helped us identify a number of biodegradable ingredients with qualities such as superior biocompatibility and surface activity, unique distribution of active constituents and fatty acids etc. These qualities offered distinct benefits for skin care such as skin protection and microbial control that were better in comparison to those offered by synthetic chemicals and natural ingredients obtained through less rigorous and out dated methods of extraction. Our ingredient evaluation approach includes the review of few elements such as:

- Material source, certifications e.g. biotechnology derived, wild, non-GMO, ECOCERT, not tested on animals

- Material grades, process types e.g. water extraction, enzymatic hydrolysis

- Qualitative and quantitative data for major and minor components e.g. fatty acid profile, content of active constituents

- Contaminants and impurities e.g. microbes, heavy metals

- Safety and efficacy data e.g. in-vitro test data

    Emollients like rice bran wax, kokum butter, and neem oil used in our soothing vegan foot balm were identified through this approach. The multifold advantages offered by ingredients selected through this process led us to create a range of petroleum free products for niche skin care. 

    Further, our focus on identifying functional natural ingredients helped us unlock the under recognized potential of select multifunctional ingredients. This process enabled us to create cosmetics for novel applications such as our patent pending products that channel the functional properties of naturally occurring plant saponins to deliver unique applications for skin care, hygiene and beyond. Unlike makeup remover micellar waters that are made with synthetic surfactants, our foot cleanser is powered by micellar saponins that are gentle on dry skin and can effectively cleanse environmental pollutants, body oils, and proteins.

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    Written by Vaishali Ketkar and Gargi Ketkar
    Illustrated by Amanda Tracy